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If we can reach 50 watchers by this month, I might do a free roleplay journal! you can request who you want to roleplay with ^^ let's give it all we've got!

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                                                      December 20th

9:35 p.m.

Everyone. Sound asleep in their beds. Was 5 days before Christmas in the Creepypasta mansion.
Little Sally Williams was the only one awake, her pink shaded lamp turned on, lit her walls a pinkish tint.
The little girl knew very well that 8:00 pm was her exact bedtime, but this time she's up until 9:35.
Looking out her open window, watching the beautiful, crystal snowflakes falling from the night sky.
Getting lost in thought, she turned her head to her little teddy bear, sitting on the pink and teal pillows of her bed.
She closed her windows and her blinds, sat on her bed and hugged her teddy bear.
She had some blood on her hands from murdering a little boy the day before, she didn't have a clue why it was still on her hands.

Sally opened her bedroom door. The hallways were very dim and quiet. She walked down the halls to the restroom.
Trying to be as quiet as possible, she heard the quiet snores coming from Hoody and his friend Masky's room.
Sally covered her mouth with her hand, giggling as quietly as she can.
She made it to the bathroom, she closed the door and turned the light on.

She got confused for a second. "What did I kill?" she asked herself in her hands. She turned on the faucet and stuck her hands to the sink.
She saw the blood, pouring from her hands and staining the sink. 
She was startled.
This was the third time that has happened. Her staining something with blood.

She washed it off. She knew that Jeffery and Hoodie did this all the time. She's a brave girl, that's for sure.
Sally tip toed back to her room. 

She washed the blood off her face occasionally. And to go to sleep, but she didn't want to sleep.
She had a lot of things on her mind lately, especially about her dead Uncle Johnny.

Then again, she knew that in the mansion, some people were the same, but not many. But Jeff felt more guilty for his past.
And it just saddens Sally to know that Jeff is the only one that regrets his past mistake, the biggest one he made.

Sally was an only child, and still is. But she has been a killer longer then Jeff has.
Before Jeff had came around, she felt lonely knowing that no one else in the mansion took her seriously.
Then Sally was very happy when Slenderman announced that he decided to adopt Jeff as not only his 6th proxy,
but his son.

Suddenly, she thought of the most unforgettable thought she had.
The day Jeff told his story.

She can't forget it. For being only eight, it broke her heart. And the fact that she doesn't regret killing her own uncle.
Yet she knows someone that regrets killing his parents and his own brother.

Jeff doesn't really regret killing his parents because he thinks that his mother supposedly "lied" to him about him not being "pretty" and his father getting his shotgun to shoot his own son.

But he loved and cherished Liu very much, and his heart was completely shattered to see his own brother dead on the floor, with the blood and the knife in his hands.

She can't ever forget that one thought in her head that might remain forever in her innocent mind.


Sitting on the couch holding her little bear, Sally was watching Ben Drowned play his new Legend of Zelda game on his PlayStation.
They were waiting for Slenderman to get back from his woods as he was currently hunting for children at the moment.
They have been waiting for almost three hours and both were getting very impatient.

Masky came downstairs, in the urge to get some Cheesecake from the "body freezer".
"Ya'll hungry?" Masky asked the two children, violently nodded their heads in the case that they haven't ate in almost four hours.
They chose to skip breakfast and lunch, so basically they haven't ate anything since they woke up.

They jumped off the couch, obviously been starving, and ran up to Masky constantly asking for something sweet.
The masked boy pointed to the cabinet beside the fridge. That was the one where Laughing Jack hides his bags of candy.
The bags are full of Lollypops, Black Licorice, Skittles and Sour Gummy Worms.
Sour Gummy Worms were Sally and Ben's favorite candy of all. So they obviously took some.
They ate some and were so delighted. They adored Gummy Worms.
Then Slenderman opened the door, one hand oddly behind his back.

    "Took you long enough!" Ben stated, obviously crossed with the faceless man. The children were now getting curious.
Slenderman looked behind him, and slowly pulled his arm to his side, but it wasn't what anyone ever expected.

Beside Slenderman showed a boy, about seventeen or so. His face was pale white and his hair was black and a little long. His eyes were black and somewhat shimmery. He had a cut smile on the sides of his mouth on his cheeks. He was wearing a white hoodie, a little too long on the sleeves. Black skinny jeans and black converse. 

And Sally's opinion, he looked nice. He looked very cute to.
It wasn't long before Slenderman did what he normally does whenever he adopts a killer.

5 minutes later...

Everyone sat at the dinning table for the unbearable ceremony.

"Alright young man, what is your name and how old are you?" Slenderman asked as politely as possible, trying not to
intimidate the boy.

"My name is Jeff and I'm seventeen."

"Alright Jeff. Why were you by yourself like that? In other words, how did you become a killer?"

There was silence for a moment. Then came the answer.

"It's hard to explain..." Was Jeff's answer.
"You don't have to answer if it's too much. It is just required to know if you want to live in here."

"Well...Alright. I was at a bus stop going to school with my brother Liu, but then we caught up with some bullies, I only remember Randy. I took them out but then my brother defended me from the police because they saw the bullies on the ground on the sidewalk. I was depressed for a long time after that night, but then my mom told my that we were invited to a birthday party. I was just in the backyard watching the kids play and then Randy and his friends arrived again, but they had guns. I almost got shot and ended up having to run upstairs to get away from Randy and we ended up fighting in the bathroom, and I ended up getting my faced bleached and burned. A few weeks in the hospital and I was out, but then...I killed my mom that night, and my dad. A-and...." 

He stopped for a bit, Sally saw that his eyes were slowly turning red on the edges, then a tear ran down Jeff's left cheek.
She felt like hugging him at that moment. But she needed to hear the rest.

"I headed for my brother's room a-and.....I s-stabbed h-him to d-death."
At that moment tears ran down his face, he covered his eyes with his hands.

"I-I n-never wanted t-this to h-hap-pen...I n-never did!"
Now he started sniffling, indicating he was crying.

Slenderman put his hand on Jeff's shoulder, he was a little shaky from the crying.
"Jeff, it's alright. That's basically what everyone here experienced. There is no need to be upset."
Then Jeff absolutely lost it at "there is no need to be upset"
He pushed Slenderman's hand off him and slammed his face on the table, absolutely sobbing in self hate.
This moment was so over whelming for everyone.

(End Flashback)

To be continued...

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